Raw Cacao for a ‘mighty main’!

We all love a bit of chocolate…but who knew that our hair did too! The cacao tree is a little strange looking but beautiful tree, in which the cacao pods actually grow from its trunk, and not the branches like other trees. One thing we now know for sure, is that cacao’s health benefits for your hair, is something that is definitely not strange, and will make your ‘main’ shine out from the rest of the pack!

The cacao tree is one of the most top nutrient rich botanical plants, making raw cacao a necessity towards beauty and wellness.  An ingredient found in cacao, called sulphur, is the secret beauty mineral that is responsible for providing the correct super growth nutrients. By adding raw cacao (processed chocolate is not the same) into your diet, you can provide your hair with that added boost to help it grow long and strong which is excellent for people suffering from hair loss or a slow growth of hair, or those of us that just want healthier locks. Raw cacao adds shine and vibrancy while significantly improving the general health of hair.

Environmental toxins also play a role in the health of our hair. In today’s society, many toxins roam in the environment around us that are harmful to our health and wellbeing. In addition, poor food choices also contribute to poor hair due to high BAD fats and little nutrition. By eating antioxidant rich food like cacao, you help your body  fight free radical damage so it can repair itself whenever needed, including the cells that make up hair follicles. Antioxidant rich raw cacao powder is at the top of the antioxidant measurement table:  ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) chart, with a whopping 28,000 antioxidant level per 100g – higher than green tea…so goodbye dull hair and hello healthy hair from raw chocolate![1] [2]

Another fabulous nutrient in raw cacao is its protein content. Not only is protein needed inside and out for growth, repair and maintenance, it can externally be used additionally to coat the hair, adding strength and therefore preventing breakage. Try out this amazing nutrient dense conditioning hair mask to leave your hair feeling soft, looking shiny, with super-strength!

To get started take:
·        6oz plain yogurt
·        2 tbsp Mum’s Original Cacao Powder
·        3 tbsp coconut oil
·        2 tbsp honey

1.      Combine all of the above ingredients until you reach a cake frosting consistency.
2.      Section hair, and apply mixture from root to tip concentrating more on the ends if you have dry, brittle ends.
3.      Once your hair is fully covered, cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and your hair soak up the goodness for 30-45 minutes. Shampoo and condition your hair like normal and style.

VOILA! Soft, supple and ready for anything hair! Plus…. Your bathroom will smell absolutely divine! What a bonus.

For delicious recipes on how to use raw cacao daily for its full benefits inside and out, visit www.mumsoriginal.com and enjoy!

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  1. Nice. There is also a recipe regarding cocoa powder prepared without any additional sugar or dark chocolate. Pure 100% hot chocolate. Suitable for diabetics or people who want to live heatlhy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeMZoxXs7xc