Tricks for a Healthy Halloween

Hallowe'en is full of fun but also the  not-good-choice sugar season. But like anything, there are opportunities to make event his daunting haunting season one full of healthy choices. Here are a is a couple of healthy tricks for the haunting season:

1. Full up the kids with healthy food & protein before TorT'ing.
2. Examine all treats for choking hazards & tampering.
3. Explain to children what sugar load does to them - it's a chance to educate!
4. Eat a teaspoon of Chia to counter sugar load - balances by 40%
5. Have one treat a day - that's why it is called a treat!
6. Have kids rate candy for nutritional value or NOT and group them for best choice to worst (think about additives, MSG, coloring)
7. Eat an equal amount of fruit to candy.
8. Think about donating candy to encourage 'out-of-me' focus.
9. Make treats at home full of healthy fats (coconut oil) and healthy sugars (Coconut Sugar)
10. Walk or run the block tonight - rain or shine it's an opportunity to exercise.

Happy Hallowe'en - have FUN!

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