Hemp hearts for healthy nails

Whether we like to go for regular manicures, paint them bright colours or keep them ‘au naturel’ in this modern day, the history of our nails dates way back to when we used them only as a natural survival tool.

Our nails help us in daily life in ways we don’t even think about – peeling fruits, grasping objects, opening things, and untying knots to name a few. They help to protect our delicate nail beds from any harm, so why not try and keep them healthy so they can continue to make our lives that little bit easier.

Hemp seeds[1] with their high protein content, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants can help us to maintain their strength. Our nails are made up of a special protein called Keratin, and therefore more protein should be ingested to keep them strong. Hemp seeds contain this high protein source, along with essential fatty acids from linolenic acid (LA) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which form the building blocks to produce cells, including those that maintain healthy nail growth.

Our skin, hair and nails all come from the same form of dermal skin cells – nails being tightly packed cells of the epidermis skin layer. This type of cells health and general maintenance is also dependent on Vitamin E dietary intake.[2] This amazing antioxidant has shown to help maintain healthy nails by protecting them from todays environmental stresses and keep our blood healthy so the proper nutrients can be carried to our nails should they break and are in need of repair and growth.

Hemp hearts[1] provide all of the above nutritionals – complete protein, essential fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E to keep your nails strong and in great condition for many more manicures to come!

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