Gojis: the Go-To For Improved Athletic Performance

Guest post by co-founder and Superfoody, Ann Barnes

This little ancient berry packs a lot of punch for such plump little dried fruit. Not only a tasty treat, gojis are also an incredible way to increase overall physical health and improve performance for workouts and training.

Real Recovery
The polysaccharides in goji have also been shown to be a very promising supplement to stimulate recovery for post work outs and training. The results showed that the polysaccharide induced:
·      a remarkable adaptability to exercise load
·      enhanced resistance and accelerated elimination of fatigue
·      enhanced the storage of muscle and liver glycogen
·      increased the activity of lactic acid
·      decreased recovery time after strenuous exercise
·      and accelerated the clearance of blood urea nitrogen after exercise.[i] 

So gojis are a great way to not only improve stamina during exercise but also improve recovery times afterwards.

Eye Spy
Any athletes relies on hand eye coordination, so great eyesight is key. Gojis have long been touted in Asia as a great resource to improve eye health, we now have the scientific facts to back it up! Goji supports eye health and vision, due to the high levels of beneficial carotenoids like beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin also helps with Macular Degeneration (retinol damage).[ii] 

Hearty Heart
Another major source of stamina for improving performance is ensuring that your cardiovascular system remains string and healthy. The compound in goji's called ‘glycoconjugates’ have been shown to be able to inhibit lipid peroxidation, which is a common cause for heart disease[iii].

Immune Boost
As part of any workout, supporting your immune system is vital for overall health. Goji contains 4 important polysaccharides, which are called LBP1, LBP2, LBP3 and LBP4. With much research on these important compounds, they have been shown to improve and stimulate the immune system (and significantly reduce tumor weight with therapeutic efficacy in cancer)[iv]. 

Use it!!!
Simply eat a handful on their own, add to oatmeal, trailmixes and cereal, sprinkle on salads and bake and cook with it easily. For great recipes: http://www.mumsoriginal.com/


Ann Barnes, is the co-founder of Mum's Original and considers herself a "Superfoody". As a mother of two young children, Ann left her fast-paced career as an entertainment lawyer to pursue her love of health, nutrition and easy healthy-home cooking. She is the author of the healthy living book: "BETTER BEING",  which provides simple answers and recipes for clean and balanced living. Now leading an organic, gluten free and vegan lifestyle, Ann shares her healthy tips and whole food recipes to help everyone to get a little bit better.

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