Long and lustrous hair with hemp!

Short, long, straight, or curly- we all love our hair… but only when it cooperates of course! 

Our different hair styles make us unique from one another, and are a part of who we are. By keeping our tresses looking fantastic, we feel more confident and ready for the world! Thin, weak hair, slow hair growth, or hair loss sound familiar? These factors are common, and can be brought on by stress, illness, chemical treatments and/or poor nutrition.

Your hair is made up of 97% protein and is important to maintain protection of our delicate scalp from elements such as the sun. By consuming hemp hearts daily, you can help improve your hairs growth due to its high complete protein, vitamins, GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) and Essential Fatty Acid content, helping nourish the hair from root to tip so it grows in thicker and stronger, quicker! [1]

If you're someone struggling with weak, damaged hair, your hair might be lacking in Ceramides. Ceramides are made up of two substances – Sphingosine and GLA, a rare essential fatty acid also found in hemp hearts. Ceramides are what enable our hair to retain moisture and protein content which is especially useful for those with colour treated hair, or who use hot styling products on a daily basis to change up our look. GLA also helps to combat dry hair, frizz and acts as an emollient moisturizer, helping the scalp retain moisture – so say goodbye and good riddance to irritation and dry scalp conditions!

The solution to fabulous hair is simple - add in more hemp protein to replenish and repair damaged hair follicles, boost your shine, or speed up hair growth  – they contain the full complete package needed for healthy lustrous hair!

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