Himalayan Rock Salt – A Natural Alternative to Toxic Junk in the Trunk

Guest post by co-founder and Superfoody, Ann Barnes

Stuffed Up

Over time, any bad food that you've ever eaten (like procesed food, high bad-fat foods simple carbohydrates and sugars) often get left behind as our bad-choice calling card. Where does it get left? Well this undigested food and waste material build up and stick to the walls of our intestinal tract and colon. With over 25 - 30 feet of digestive tract, this micro-ecosystem becomes a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria, which over time can cause serious health problems. Additionally, this toxic enviornment lays the foundation for a 5 star rated hotel stay for parasites which are commonly absorbed by exposure to: animals, soil, contaminated water or improperly cooked meat (pork is especially dangerous)[i].

Common complaints such as constipation and poor bowel movement (3 times a day is the goal) are indicators of an impaction of hard left behind fecal matter in the small intestine, large intestine and colon.

Symptoms of fecal build up include:
  • a sensation that the bowels haven't completely emptied
  • bloating of the abdomen
  • headaches
  • skin rashes
  • "rumbling" noise when digesting food
  • gas
  • indigestion
  • infrequent bowel movements
  • hard, dry stools that are difficult to pass
  • loss of appetite
  • pain or pressure in the belly
  • some bleeding as a result of straining
There are a number of ways to remove these toxins: colon hydrotheraphy (colonic irrigations); enemas (which only gets the last 8-12 inches of the digestive tract); herbal supplements (which don't cleanse the digestive track but just empty it and can also have side effects) and laxatives (which can lead to side effects including dehydration and loss of muscle around the colon lining) and most simply a "salt water flush".

Salt Water Flush

A salt water flush (SWF) is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean your colon, stomach and the intestine. It will help to remove stored up toxins, left behind fecal matter, parasites and bacteria from your entire digestive tract. The SWF works as the salt water's saliency is the same as your body's saliency. So the water does not get absorbed into the body, but rather simply is flushed right through. The salt allows for your insides to be cleansed as well. Salt is a natural way to kill bacteria, which is why we rinse our mouths out with salt water to kill mouth bacteria or do salt gargles when we have a sore throat. So while this is winding its way through your system it has the same effect.

The SWF can help to:
  • cleanse & oxygenate the colon, small and large intestines
  • removes unwanted waste matter
  • removes extra weight and can help jump start to a new diet plan
  • promotes optimal colon health
  • promotes and nourish friendly intestinal flora
  • can hemp remove parasites such as candida (overgrowth of yeast and/or fungus) that have damaging side effects
  • improve digestion
  • improve skin
  • promote better sleep
  • increase the strength of the immune system
Get Started

To do a salt water colon cleanse, make sure that you do it when you have time to be close to the ‘loo’ so schedule at least a half or full day to do it. So make sure you have nothing to do and don’t need to leave the house.

The salt water colon cleanse starts with:
·       one quart (8 cups) of lukewarm pre-boiled purified water
·       add one heaping tablespoon of Mum’s Original Inner Mountain Himalayan Rock Salt (do NOT substitute for ionized table salt)
·       add one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice (optional)

Stir or shake it until the salt fully dissolves. Drink this salt water mixture quickly (within 30 minutes). For optimal results lay down and gently massage your stomach down to your colon area to help break up accumulated fecal matter. Within thirty minutes to two hours after drinking the SWF you will feel pressure on your colon (and may hear gurgling noises) and will feel the need to go FAST! You may have several bowel movements over the next few hours and they may be very watery – which is what you want.

After your cleanse, all bacteria has been removed – the good and the bad - so don’t forget to take some probiotic supplements or eat fermented foods like sauerkraut to ensure that colon-friendly good bacteria can be effectively replaced. Help your system remain clean by getting the right amount of fiber rich foods: like chia, hemp and oatmeal, along with a colon-friendly diet that includes nutrient rich foods like fruits and veggies, beans, gojis and quinoa.

Always consult your doctor before undergoing a colon cleanse.

Ann Barnes, is the co-founder of Mum's Original and considers herself a "Superfoody". As a mother of two young children, Ann left her fast-paced career as an entertainment lawyer to pursue her love of health, nutrition and easy healthy-home cooking. She is the author of the healthy living book: "BETTER BEING",  which provides simple answers and recipes for clean and balanced living. Now leading an organic, gluten free and vegan lifestyle, Ann shares her healthy tips and whole food recipes to help everyone to get a little bit better.


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