Superhero(seed) Chia for scrumptious skin!

A true superhero(seed) for your skin! Packed full of free radical eating antioxidants, these super seeds fight off toxins that speed up the aging process.  Helping save you from wrinkles and fine lines!

Chia seeds contain 3 times more the antioxidant content of blueberries and are so easily incorporated into your diet, to help ward off aging and toxins whether your 16 or 60! It’s never too early or late to start.

Chia can absorb up to 14 times its weight in water – an excellent tool for soaking up those nasty environmental toxins, toxins that speed up the aging process, along with ridding the body gently of free radicals to prevent damage to our supple skin.[1]

The vitamin and mineral content found in Chia is also extremely beneficial for skin health. Its content provides the necessary nutrients needed to sustain natural elasticity in our skin– something we lose when we age and cant produce anymore. By feeding our body with the nutrients needed to maintain skin elasticity through our daily diet– we maintain supple skin and can help ourselves look radiant and youthful even in our later years!

It’s only natural that every now and then we crave some kind of sweet treat. However, did you know that by caving in to these cravings on a regular basis actually will speed up the process of aging, making the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles appear sooner? I think we can speak for everyone here and safely say wrinkles will never be welcomed and thank goodness there is a solution to help delay the appearance of those fine lines! Chia seeds expanding super powers keep you feeling full for longer, helping reduce cravings and therefore helping to slow down the aging process.  By adding in Chia daily, you’re helping fight off aging – take that, wrinkles!

Not only are Chia seeds beneficial for your skin from the inside, they can also be used in homemade beauty products to help smooth out rough patches and maintain healthy, soft skin. Try making a super face mask jam packed full off essential fatty acids by blending some ground Chia in with an avocado. Let this mixture sit for one minute on your skin before washing off in the shower and be sure to concentrate more on rougher areas, for noticeably softer, smoother skin sooner!

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